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Transport Management System OZOLS

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OZOLS TMS – powerful tool for carriers and freight forwarders

Cloudex offers an IT solution for freight carriers and / or forwarders, suitable for companies of all sizes. OZOLS TMS provides automation of business processes, automatic preparation of necessary documents and other features that significantly facilitate cargo management and increase the company’s efficiency. The solution combines business functionality with company accounting.

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Main Features

1. Contact database of carriers and customers

Communication with customers and carriers will be facilitated by a contact database.
In just a few seconds you can find the contact information of your partners or loading / delivery addresses.

2. Cargo registration

Register customer orders yourself, or import all data:
– from partners who also use TMS Ozols
– from other IT systems using Ozols API (data exchange tool)
– from their customers who use the MyShipments.eu platform
Generate documents (contracts, stickers, CMR) and emails to partners.

3. Customer portal

Customers can overview their orders, print accompanying documents and receive the latest information on the cargo status using the Ozols customer and partner portal.

4. Cargo selling

Publish your shipments to Cargo.lt right from TMS Ozols.
Or select the most suitable carriers from the contact database and instantly send them price requests using the TMS Ozols e-mail tool.

5. Trip / spedition management

Manage each trip and expedition throughout its life cycle.
Plan loading and deliveries, as well as driver changes, stops, terminals and ferries.

6. Driver app

Possibility of continuous exchange of information with the driver.
Send detailed information about the route, cargo and planned dates.
Receive from the driver actual loading / delivery dates, information on discrepancies between planned and actual cargo volume, and other relevant information.


Share information with your colleagues about the current status of the trip /spedition or order.
In most cases, the status is automatically updated to reduce human error throughout the process.
Inform customers about the status of their orders using the Ozols Customer and Partner web application, or send them delivery notifications using the TMS Ozols e-mail tool.

8. Outgoing invoices to customers

Generate invoices based on the prices you set and send them to customers along with CMR.
Prepare a single invoice for multiple orders, and include additional services or additional costs if needed.
Monitor debtors and easily send reminders for unpaid bills.

9. Incoming invoices

Record all trip / spedition expenses and assign them to the corresponding customer orders.
TMS Ozols will help to find out the profitability of all your deals – both for forwarding (usually one payment to the carrier) and for your own trips (complicated calculations of fixed and variable costs: fuel, travel costs, insurance, leasing, salaries, etc.).

10. Data exchange with Internet bank

Exchange data between TMS Ozols and Internet banks.
Import payments received from customers and link them to issued invoices.
Prepare and export payment orders for incoming invoices.

11. Reports

Evaluate your success using system-generated tables and charts.
Assess the profitability of trips / speditions, cargo, managers, trucks and drivers.

12. Other accounting programs

Take the opportunity to integrate TMS Ozols with various major accounting programs to automate data exchange.
Or simply export prepared outgoing invoices using Excel files.


1. Well organized company's business processes

Business process automation and transparency significantly improves the company’s overall efficiency, employee loyalty and business oversight.

2. Increased business transparency

Thanks to a unified database, possibilities of business analysis, and possibilities to improve cost-effectiveness, business management can more effectively and transparently monitor business processes, customer history, and employee productivity. 

TMS Ozols helps to monitor the payment of current invoices, receivables settlements, as well as whether invoices have been prepared and sent for all orders. Additionally it provides a way to plan and monitor vehicle maintenance costs.

All of this will accelerate the flow of money and the possibility to calculate the profitability of trips / speditions will help to make more objective decisions.

3. Facilitated takeover of works

The single database of the program will significantly facilitate the transfer of work in case of change of employees, as all information about the history of cooperation and the contact register are in one place.

4. Increased productivity

By significantly reducing and simplifying day-to-day administrative work, employees can focus more on their core business, thus increasing the productivity of each employee and the overall company.

5. Facilitating business growth

Thanks to the automation and orderliness of business processes, it is possible to serve even more customers in a shorter time, thus – an opportunity to increase profits.

6. Improved communication among all involved parties

The single register of contacts and addresses eliminates unnecessary errors in partner data. Automated preparation and sending of documents and information about cargo increases customer loyalty.


In order to provide our customers with higher added value, we not only implement and provide a freight solution, but also strive to understand the specifics of each company’s operations, analyzing the customer’s business processes in order to adapt and implement the solution according to their needs.

We provide the following services:
Business process analysis

Adapting and implementing the solution

Data import from previous systems

Data integration with other systems

User training

Development of add-ons

System user support
OZOLS TMS users have access to quick customer support at no extra charge. In addition, there are step-by-step user instructions in Latvian and English.

User support
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Software installation


Basic forwarder / carrier functionality

Database installation

User support

Document storage

Database hosting

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About Us

Cloudex designs, implements and develops computer software – solutions for management information and business processes as well as for increasing work productivity. 

Our main focus is to help companies in the freight transporting and forwarding industry. 

Our company is based on respect and care for our customers, their needs and business specifics and our goal is to provide them with high-quality IT solutions and services.

Cloudex values

We base the company’s core values on the principles of business ethics, which means mutual respect, commitment and fulfillment of promises as well as fair business practices in sales, customer service and finance.

Our ideal is to see customers who enjoy using our software, want to develop it, and recommend it to others for because of its convenience, usefulness and quality.

We respect what you do,
and we try to add value to your business!

We will be happy to answer your questions!

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